Double date

Last updated: February 21st, 2017

Hey there! We have more sapphic girls for you guys and as usual, they are smoking hot. The two gorgeous babes are up to some really kinky lesbian stuff in this juicy episode. Rebecca and Mia are our guests and like we said earlier they are gorgeous, a sexy redhead and a nasty brunette with amazing bodies. The girls are into boys and girls too, so under that roof, there are some really kinky things happening. But in this update, the girls weren’t in the mood to bring someone new in the house and keep all the fun just between them two.

The sapphic beauties started their fun in the living room when Rebecca started teasing Mia and from teasing they escalated really quickly to dirty talking. The girls aren’t new in the game and knew exactly what to say and what to do to turn one another on. The gorgeous brunette started getting touchier and touchier, she was all over the sexy redhead’s fine curves and went lower and lower. Her main purpose was to please her girlfriend and she’s done it especially while hungrily licking her pussy. Rebecca and Mia gave us all in one scene, from stripping and making out to pussy eating and anal insertions. This was today’s update but we have so many juicy scenes prepared for you guys so make sure you return for more!


Anal Preparation

Last updated: February 17th, 2017

Sapphic Erotica is back with another great video and this time we have Ivana Sugar and Sienna Day. The girls lead with fingering and ass licking. The gorgeous two babes wanted to have some fun and having the house all for themselves really worked out for them. That weekend their roommate was out of town and that didn’t happen that often, so they had to take advantage of the perfect situation. The sexy blondes were enjoying their afternoon in the living room doing the ordinary stuff until Sienna started fooling around and teasing Ivana. She’s always had a crush on Ivana, since the first day they moved in the same house, so this was her time for a nuru massage. Sienna knew that she was into her too because she caught her checking her out several times without her noticing.

They couldn’t resist one another and things got hot really fast. After their little chat, the girls started making out and undressing one another. The sapphic girls continued with some pussy licking and fingering but this was only the warm-up for what was going to happen next. This sure lightens things in a boring afternoon. You must see Ivana and Sienna getting down on one another in this exclusive video. Enjoy it and make sure you take a look at some of the older updates too, you can thank us later!


Anal Warmup

Last updated: February 14th, 2017

Jessica Lincoln and Rebecca Rainbow experienced anal stimulating for the first time in this video. The girls jumped right into the action because they couldn’t resist one another. They were sharing the same house, so it wasn’t too hard to find the right place or the right time. Although it’s been a while since they were living under the same roof, this is actually the first time that something really happened between them. There were some teasing moments but nothing as hot as this. But the sexual tension was always there each time they bumped into one another around the house. While Jessica was enjoying her free afternoon Rebecca surprised her and came home earlier that day from work.

She caught her completely naked on the living room couch fingering her pussy so she had to join her. Rebecca couldn’t resist her hot body and after a little nuru massage and teasing one another they girls jumped to the action and go on for the entire afternoon. You have the entire video below so don’t miss it because we have a lot of close-ups just for you guys. Until next time make sure you check out some of the older sapphic updates and stay tuned for more steamy updates!


Sapphic Erotica Video – Chest Mate

Last updated: February 10th, 2017

Annie Wolf and Suzy Rainbow are our guests in the latest sapphic erotica video. The girls aren’t big fans of chess so it didn’t take them too long to skip over it and started fingering and eating one another’s pussy instead. The girls were so bored so they thought to play a game. Annie suggested some games, but Suzy didn’t like any of them, so they ended up ravishing the house after something interesting to do. There weren’t too many options around the house to they had to make the best with what they found. They didn’t have any board games around the house so they ended up playing chess, a game they didn’t play before.

They didn’t know how to play it so they invented their own rules so it ended up playing more a strip game. For every bad move, they had to take off some clothes so in no time they were naked and all over each other. The perfect game rules, we know! Annie and Suzy took turns in pleasing one another and in this video you have everything from kissing, massaging, fingering and licking. This is what we call a productive afternoon, so don’t miss them in action below. Enjoy it and stay tuned and we’ll see you next time with more sapphicerotica girls!


Sapphic Video – Cards well played

Last updated: February 7th, 2017

In this sapphic video, we have Annie Wolf and Coco De Mal. The two hotties had a really interesting cards games that ended up with a lot of kissing and touching. Annie wanted to get closer to Coco so she invented this cards game. It was more like truth or dare but with cards and with the rules a bit changed. Annie knew that Coco wasn’t that interested in her, but she didn’t give up. Coco was way too hot to forget and seeing her around the house daily wasn’t helping her at all. They were alone in the apartment and she knew that she had to make a move on her. Annie noticed her sitting in the living room, pretty bored so she thought about a fun game to spend some time together. Annie finally convinced Coco to play it and things got really hot on their living room couch as Coco kept on losing.

Annie ended up getting Coco completely naked after just a couple of rounds and Annie joined her. She finally got Coco where she wanted and made the best out of it and they began a sensual lovemaking session. Annie and Coco gave us another amazing video and you can check it out below. This was today’s update but we’ll be back next time with more sapphic girls in action. Enjoy!


Teasing Trio from Sapphic Erotica

Last updated: February 3rd, 2017

We have three gorgeous teens in this latest video from sapphic erotica. The hotties love teasing and in this one you are going to see them kissing and licking one another until mutual climax. The hotties had the place all to themselves so they made the best of it the best way they could. As you got used to these sapphic girls don’t say no to a lot of things and that’s why you can’t really find anything better.

The girls got bored of watching tv, they weren’t in the mood to go out so they found something way more interesting to do from their living room couch. These teen girls are always horny and they aren’t shy about it. So in no time the girls started teasing one another and it all started with some dirty talking to get them in the right mood. From that, to fooling around on the couch it was a rather short road and in no time the girls were undressing one another and massaging her amazing bodies. But you know that wasn’t enough for them and things only got dirtier from this point on. See these three sapphic girls pleasing one another in the nastiest ways and make sure you check out the rest of the updates too. See you with more sapphic updates next time!


Sapphic Erotica Video Enough talking

Last updated: January 31st, 2017

In this latest sapphic erotica video update, we have sexy Alana Moon. Well, Alana just got herself a new housemate and she’s soo hot, so it was pretty hard living in the same house with her without doing a thing. She is this smoking hot blonde with the hottest body you’ve ever seen, perfect tits and a perfect ass. Alana knew that she was way out of her league, but that didn’t stop her at all because she couldn’t stop thinking about her. It was so hard listening to her, especially when you are horny as hell. So Alana did what she knows best and that’s convincing her to try it her way.

She started telling her housemate that they don’t need men, that they have one another and that’s all they needed. Alana did a hell of a job because she actually left her thinking about it and actually considering everything she told her. So after all that talk, they finally got to the fun part and Alan had some action. The hot babes started kissing and licking all the way down and then they continued with some ass fingering. The sexy girls went down and nasty for you guys and you can watch everything in the video below. So enjoy Alana and her smoking hot friend and we’ll see you next time with more!


Sinful sofa

Last updated: January 27th, 2017

Cecilia Scott and Lulu Love are here in the latest sapphic erotica video update. The two gorgeous babes end up having a pretty amazing time together and do everything they possibly can to please one another. The two wanted to be more active but their plan just didn’t work out as they wished. It was a beautiful day outside so a walk seemed a pretty good idea, but that didn’t work out that well. Although both Cecilia and Lulu wanted to be more active, Lulu thought they could be active from their living room sofa as well. It was sure going to be an activity both of them will enjoy.

Right when they were getting ready to go out one of them made herself a bit too comfortable on the sofa and that messed around their plan. Instead of a recreational walk, the two hotties end up spending the entire afternoon on the sofa, undressing one another, kissing one another and like we said earlier doing everything they can to please. The hot babes really enjoyed their relaxing afternoon and below you can see everything that went down between them. As always we bring you the hottest girls in the business so make sure you check out some of the older updates too. Enjoy and we’ll see you next time with more hot sapphic videos!


Sapphic Video – Nice View

Last updated: January 20th, 2017

Blue Angel and Nicole Love are our hot chicks in today’s Sapphic erotica video and they did a hell of a job. The gorgeous babes were sharing the same house and in today’s update they got to know each other way better than expected. Blue and Nicole were getting used to their new house and getting to know one another in the first days there, but something really weird happened a few mornings ago. The girls were enjoying the view from their balcony a few mornings ago when they saw this guy staring at them. He was so rude and didn’t stop looking even after the girls told him not to, so they played with him.

The girls wanted to have some fun with him so they started making out just to play with him. This was their first experience of this kind, but they enjoyed every second of it. The poor guy lost it and that was the perfect start for the hot chicks. Afterward, Nicole and Blue went into the house on the sofa and continued the pure fun with each other. For some reason, neither of them wanted to stop so they took their little joke a bit too far. You must see this amazing video to see the hot girls pleasing one another in this exclusive update. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more updates!


Sapphic Erotica Video – Caught In the Act

Last Updated: January 18th, 2017
We have two more hot girls in this latest sapphic erotica video. They are Leyla Peachbloom and Stasy Riviera and they end up having an amazing time together. The girls were home, alone and extremely horny and that’s always a great combination. Stasy was the one that started it all, she started complaining around the house and while she was on the couch she was almost crying for some attention from Leyla. Well. Leyla couldn’t let her like that and she acted accordingly.

They started with some sensual kissing and then things went as they should and our hot girls ended up kissing, licking and having sex with each other the best way possible, the Sapphic way! You can see everything that happened between them below in the video and trust us there are some things that you guys must see. Don’t forget to get back for more steamy updates featuring the hottest Sapphic girls next time. until then enjoy!