Annie Wolf and Coco De Mal – Strip Poker

Last updated: February 7th, 2017

In this sapphic video, we have Annie Wolf and Coco De Mal. The two hotties had a really interesting cards games that ended up with a lot of kissing and touching. Annie wanted to get closer to Coco so she invented this cards game. It was more like truth or dare but with cards and with the rules a bit changed. Annie knew that Coco wasn’t that interested in her, but she didn’t give up. Coco was way too hot to forget and seeing her around the house daily wasn’t helping her at all. They were alone in the apartment and she knew that she had to make a move on her. Annie noticed her sitting in the living room, pretty bored so she thought about a fun game to spend some time together. Annie finally convinced Coco to play it and things got really hot on their living room couch as Coco kept on losing.

Annie ended up getting Coco completely naked after just a couple of rounds and Annie joined her. She finally got Coco where she wanted and made the best out of it and they began a sensual lovemaking session. Annie and Coco gave us another amazing video and you can check it out below. This was today’s update but we’ll be back next time with more sapphic girls in action. Enjoy!