Sapphic Erotica – Good deal

Kiki Cyprus wanted to buy some art today but Ani Black Fox had a different plan in mind once she saw her gorgeous client in this sapphic erotica video. Instead of a buy she ended up in a teasing, licking and kissing marathon. Kiki went to Ani’s art gallery looking to buy some paintings but she left the gallery without any art. The two share the love of art but they found some other common interests after this meeting as well. The girls didn’t waste any time and after a bit of teasing things really kicked off for them and they moved really fast. The two gorgeous babes had a great time and you can see it entirely below, in an exclusive video.

The girls ended up naked in Ani’s office couch, teasing and playing with one another. At the end there was a win-win situation for everyone, she sold her some art and had some extra action on the side. Art brings people together as you can see. The two gorgeous girls had a great time pleasing one another, making out and finger fucking their juicy pussies. See Ani Black Fox and Kiki Cyprus in action in the video below. We’ll see you next time with more great updates and until them you can check out some of the older as well. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more sapphicerotica updates!


Foot Relaxology

Tiffany Tatum and Danielle Soul shows us just how far a massage can take you in this sapphic erotica update. That massage ended up with some experimental dildo gaming. Nothing compares to a relaxing massage after a long day of walking around the city. Both of them had full days so they decided to spoil one another and begun massaging their tense bodies. Well, that quick foot massage heated things up between them and found a way better way of relaxing once they saw their evil angel dildo sitting one the nightstand next to the bed. Without any words, just an eye contact and they knew what was going to happen next. Let the experimental dildo gaming begin! They play a lot of games but trying out their sex toys must be the most entertaining one they tried. They are both horny and eager so this works out great for everyone.

Both of them took turns on stuffing their holes using their vast sex toy collection. Of course, they love kissing and licking so that didn’t miss from their sweet girl on girl encounter as you are going to witness it in the scene below. Tiffany and Danielle the two gorgeous babes, offered us an amazing show as they started taking off their tight white dress and showing off their curves for the camera. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more sapphicerotica scenes!


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Brush My Hair

Tori Stone and Emily Ross are here in the latest sapphic erotica update. The girls don’t waste any time and they went straight to the point and start licking and kissing. The sexy babes were enjoying their day with a little pampering, all those girly stuff. Tori and Emily were in their bedroom and things got hot pretty fast. The gorgeous babes started with brushing their hair while they were in bed. It didn’t take them too long to kick it a notch and their clothes were first to fall off. After they got out of their sexy lingerie the real fun begun.

We got a good look at their amazing bodies, those amazing curves, perky tits and tight asses. The sexy blonde and the curvy redhead offered us another great update. After a little kissing they went lower and lower and started licking off their juicy pussies and everything happened in front of the camera. The girls didn’t hold back from anything and you are going to see that in the update below. They had a really nice session of pampering so please enjoy it. This was all for today but make sure you return for more steamy updates featuring some of the hottest sapphic girls.


Sapphic Erotica – Frida Sante & Alegra

Frida Sante and Alegra are our latest guests on sapphic erotica. The girls are here to share with you guys their kinkiest desires and their sexual experiences in an exclusive interview. You all know the girls from some of their older updates, in case you don’t know them you can check out some of the older updates to see them in action. The girls are used to the cameras and after doing so many nasty things on camera this is nothings. They wanted to get closer to you and this the best way to do it and they did an amazing job as well. There’s no holding back on this one so get ready to hear a lot of nasty and dirty experiences.

Both of them experienced girl on girl action here at Sapphic Erotica and in this one they are sharing what they like to do in the sack to please their partner. There are some really important things said in this one so make sure you check them out. Frida even thought Alegra some of her favorite things, so we are waiting for an extremely steamy scene with these two hotties. We can’t wait to see them naked, once more, showing off their impressive curves for the camera, those big tits, juicy pussies and their fine asses. The girls had a blast sharing their tips and experiences and you can check them out in the sapphicerotica video below. Enjoy!

Frida Sante & Alegra

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Birthday In Bed

Briana Bounce and Rebecca Volpetti are celebrating a lot of things this weekend. The two gorgeous sapphic erotica girls have a birthday to celebrate and they did it the best way possible by licking, fingering, teasing and kissing. Briana surprised Rebecca in bed this weekend because it was her birthday. She wanted to start the day the best way possible and she did that. Rebecca was so excited to see her with a huge box in her hands, perfectly wrapped. She wasn’t expecting to receive gifts so early in the morning, but let’s face it is the best way to start the day. She knew that her girlfriend was going to surprise and she was right.

Everyone loves getting gifts, but that was just the beginning because the girls had their own little celebration that morning. After she unwrapped her present she wanted to thank her girlfriend and she did it the best way possible. The girls started making out and slowly taking off her their sexy lingerie, revealing their amazing curves and getting more and more passionate. Like we said earlier the teasing, fingering and licking didn’t miss from the scene. They had a hell of a morning in bed and you get to see it all in the scene below. This is all for today but make sure you return for more hot updates. Enjoy it and stay tuned!


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Dirty Dancing

Cassie and Danielle Soul are here in this sapphic erotica update to show us just how close people can get while dancing. Dancing triggers intimate moments between the two persons involved and this is pretty much what happened between our two gorgeous girls in today’s update. Their dirty dancing private lesson ended up with some dirty licking as well. Cassie, the sexy brunette, with beautiful long legs decided to teach her curvy blonde friend, Danielle, all the secrets of a good dance. They were in their living room when their lesson began. They were both wearing these sexy white dresses, see through ones giving us a preview of their goods as they were feeling one another’s body in their dirty dancing lesson.

Cassie leads the entire time, meanwhile, Danielle couldn’t keep her eyes from her tits. Because of her height, she had a pretty look over them the entire time. The girls were body on body, swaying around the room and everything went great until their first break. Once they got on the couch things got really hot between them and the clothes started falling one by one until both of them were naked showing off their perfect tits and fine asses while they were down doing some dirty licking. We think their dancing lessons went pretty well and the girls offered us an amazing show and you can see them in the scene below. Enjoy it and check out some of the older updated too!


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Sapphic Erotica – Love session

Sapphic Erotica is back with another great video for you guys. Amber Deen and Rebecca Rainbow are gorgeous babes showing off how much fun they can have pussy licking and clit massaging one another. As you got used to, here you are going to find some of the hottest babes showing off their curves in front of the camera and not just that. The gorgeous babes took all the time in the world pleasing one another and they did an amazing job. You are going to love these girls in action!

The sexy blonde, Amber Deen is the one that started it all and Rebecca followed her footsteps. This isn’t their first such encounter but this must be the hottest of them all. Amber and Rebecca can get onto one another no matter the place or the time. Once the cameras started rolling the girls started undressing one another, showing off their curves in front of the camera and didn’t waste too much time with the foreplay and jumped right into it. Like we said earlier the girls took their time pussy licking and clit massaging one another. You can see Amber and Rebecca in action in the video below and don’t forget to get back for more sapphic girls in action in the hottest girl on girl scenes. Enjoy it!


Sapphic Erotica – Bendover Anal

Jessica Licoln and Tiffany Tatum are back in this latest sapphic erotica video. The sexy babes getting a dildo up their fine asses for some anal pleasure. The hot babes show us what “right into it” really means because they jumped to it from second 1. Jessica and Tiffany aren’t strangers to the anal pleasing and as you can see in their oldest updates they have quite some experience in that area. Like we said earlier the girls jumped right into to pleasing one another.

Jessica caught Tiffany pleasing herself in the middle of the living and she jumped right into it to help her out. Tiffany didn’t mind the company at all and the girls started dildo fucking their tight asses in the middle of the room, on their white couch from their living room. Jessica was the first one that took the pink dildo up her holes and then Tiffany took her turn too. The nasty babes had a great time fucking one another in this one and you can get to see them in action in the video below. This was all for today but make sure you check out the entire video and return for more nasty babes pleasing one another. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more girl on girl updates!


Tie Me Up

Shona River and Eva Berger returned for another sapphic erotica video. These two are real lovers and you are going to see that in the scene they offer us below as they were pleasuring one another. Eva wanted to offer her lover a gift and she found the nicest one of them all, she offered her warm bathrobe. We think that is a really good gift. Seeing that gift really soften Shona and she felt so much closer to her girlfriend. She had to thank her for her thoughtful gift and she did it the best she knew.

The two gorgeous sapphic girls really love experiencing and this is what they did in this one too. The girls started with light bonding with the rope from her gift. Anal pleasure using their fingers was next and they went on and on. These sapphic girls really know how to please one another and they did it again in this video. The right gift always spice things up and they found the best way to use it in this episode. Eva Berger and Shona River did it again and you can check it out in the video we have prepared for you guys. Make sure you return for more steamy updates with the two gorgeous babes in action. Here is the place where you are going to find some of the hottest babes in action so stay tuned.


Bathtub Bliss

Sapphic Erotica has another great video for you guys. This time we have two hotties really heating up in the bathtub with a big dildo in the scene. The big dildo, of course, ends up landing in their asses. Ally and Nekande had their little party and you can see it all in the video below. The two gorgeous babes had an amazing time pleasing one another and dildo fucking their holes. They were sharing the same house and after a lot of teasing and testing the ground, they finally made a move.

Ally was the one that had the gut and they wanted to share their first time with you guys. The sexy sapphic girls were the only ones in the house that day and it was time for some action. Ally followed Nekande from the living room and saw her preparing a relaxing bath so she decided to join her. Ally entered te bathroom right when she was taking off her robe and once she saw her amazing body she knew that she did the right thing going after her. Ally tried her luck and Nekande surprised her by responding to it. In no time the girls started kissing and jumped in the bathtub together testing out their dildo while stuffing their fine asses in the tub. Click here to see them in action and we’ll see you next time with more!