Annie Wolf and Suzy Rainbow – Chest Mate

Last updated: February 10th, 2017

Annie Wolf and Suzy Rainbow are our guests in the latest sapphic erotica video. The girls aren’t big fans of chess so it didn’t take them too long to skip over it and started fingering and eating one another’s pussy instead. The girls were so bored so they thought to play a game. Annie suggested some games, but Suzy didn’t like any of them, so they ended up ravishing the house after something interesting to do. There weren’t too many options around the house to they had to make the best with what they found. They didn’t have any board games around the house so they ended up playing chess, a game they didn’t play before.

They didn’t know how to play it so they invented their own rules so it ended up playing more a strip game. For every bad move, they had to take off some clothes so in no time they were naked and all over each other. The perfect game rules, we know! Annie and Suzy took turns in pleasing one another and in this video you have everything from kissing, massaging, fingering and licking. This is what we call a productive afternoon, so don’t miss them in action below. Enjoy it and stay tuned and we’ll see you next time with more sapphicerotica girls!