Sapphic Video – Nice View

Last updated: January 20th, 2017

Blue Angel and Nicole Love are our hot chicks in today’s Sapphic erotica video and they did a hell of a job. The gorgeous babes were sharing the same house and in today’s update they got to know each other way better than expected. Blue and Nicole were getting used to their new house and getting to know one another in the first days there, but something really weird happened a few mornings ago. The girls were enjoying the view from their balcony a few mornings ago when they saw this guy staring at them. He was so rude and didn’t stop looking even after the girls told him not to, so they played with him.

The girls wanted to have some fun with him so they started making out just to play with him. This was their first experience of this kind, but they enjoyed every second of it. The poor guy lost it and that was the perfect start for the hot chicks. Afterward, Nicole and Blue went into the house on the sofa and continued the pure fun with each other. For some reason, neither of them wanted to stop so they took their little joke a bit too far. You must see this amazing video to see the hot girls pleasing one another in this exclusive update. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more updates!


Sapphic Erotica Video – Caught In the Act

Last Updated: January 18th, 2017
We have two more hot girls in this latest sapphic erotica video. They are Leyla Peachbloom and Stasy Riviera and they end up having an amazing time together. The girls were home, alone and extremely horny and that’s always a great combination. Stasy was the one that started it all, she started complaining around the house and while she was on the couch she was almost crying for some attention from Leyla. Well. Leyla couldn’t let her like that and she acted accordingly.

They started with some sensual kissing and then things went as they should and our hot girls ended up kissing, licking and having sex with each other the best way possible, the Sapphic way! You can see everything that happened between them below in the video and trust us there are some things that you guys must see. Don’t forget to get back for more steamy updates featuring the hottest Sapphic girls next time. until then enjoy!


Sapphic Erotica Video

Amazingly sexy Beatrice and gorgeous Klaudia from this fresh SapphicErotica video, make out carefully outdoors,on a chair, then they take off their hot minis to reveal their tiny, thong panties. They remove their small tops and suck one another’s perfectly round breasts, then slide off their underwear and spread their long sexy legs wide. in the end of this fresh movie they suck on one another’s sweet slits in numerous positions and finger one another’s ass holes. Well this is one superb and sexy scene with these two ladies. And by no means should you miss any of their nice and hot video today, as you simply must see every second.

Like all of the babes we had here these two also wanted to do a nice outdoor sapphicerotica scene as well and they were very happy about it too. Like we said today you get to see Klaudia and Beatrice, two very hot and sexy babes that both appeared so far in our scenes. And as you know Beatrice is quite the master at taking care of other babe’s pussies any day. So let’s sit back and watch her as she takes the time to finger fuck her fuck buddy’s pussy for the whole afternoon. Watch her using her fingers to make Klaudia feel amazing as she moans in pleasure and eventually orgasms. And rest assured that Klaudia paid her in kid with the same treatment today guys. See you next week!

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Sapphic Erotica Rough Fisting Scene

Naughty chcik Iris from this amazing Sapphic Erotica fisting scene is relaxing in the backyard, then sexy Juliette arrived and Iris started to rub some oil over her shoulders and next she took off her sexy bikini. They begin to kiss, then Iris gets rid of her top and they suck each others’ breasts. In the end of this amazing video Iris spreads her long sexy legs in Juliette’s lap and Juliette works a nice fist into her twat and fists her hard and fast in various positions, until gorgeous Iris has an powerful orgasm. We know that you guys want to see this sexy blonde getting that tight cunt of hers stretched nicely so let’s get started without any more delay and see her getting that slit pleased today.

From the very start you get to see these two babes getting around to play hard. Watch iris as she gets to lay on her back while miss Juliette starts to have her fun with that nice and hot body today. Watch as she uses her expert tongue to lick and slurp on that pussy making Iris get even more turned on. Then you get to see the main show as Juliette slides her fist inside her fuck buddy’s pussy and starts to fuck her nice and hard in this fresh video. Sit back and watch as Iris moans in pleasure and orgasms multiple times while her friend does one nice job to fist fuck her hard style for this update today. Have fun with it and see you ass always next week with more galleries!

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SapphicErotica Beatrice and Klaudia

Heavenly SapphicErotica Beatrice and attractive auburn-haired Klaudia, kiss carefully outside the house on a water fountain, then take off their sexy minis to show their tiny, thong underwear. They remove their tops and suck one anothers’ breasts, then slide off their underwear and spread their long sexy legs wide. They suck on one another’s sweet slits in numerous positions and lick one another’s ass holes. Now we’re really happy to get to bring you this nice and fresh update today with these two horny and hot babes. And rest assured it’s quite the amazing sapphic show to see too. Let’s get it started and watch the two babes have their fun.

The scene with these two gorgeous beauties starts off with them getting all naughty in the fountain, and as they were splashing around and getting wet, the sexy ladies seemed to be getting more and more turned on. Normally all of their sexy clothes flew off until the lovely women were all naked and so they started to play with one another’s sexy bodies and wet pussies too. Watch the sexy Klaudia as she starts to give her fuck buddy some nice oral sex for this scene, and watch Beatrice as she moans in pleasure of the superb treatment that she gets. As usual we hope that you liked this nice and fresh scene and rest assured we’ll bring you some more next time!


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Sapphic Erotica Lesbian

Sexy Jaquelin and her gorgeous sapphic erotica lesbian friend Isabella are tasting some red wine outside their home, when these horny sluts choose to have some lesbian fun. They make out and strip amorously, then alternate licking and rubbing one another’s sweet slits to climax in the garden for your pleasure today everyone. So let’s not delay and watch the two hot and sexy babes have their fun for this whole afternoon in their nice and hot little garden environment for you. We know you are just eager to see Isabella once more after you got to see her share another hot sapphicerotica scene with a sexy babe some time ago. And she’s just as hot, and even more horny for this time.


Jaquelin was the one to come up with the idea for some outdoor fun this afternoon. She just wanted to get to eat out some nice and fresh pussy this afternoon today and the back yard was just perfect for this desire of hers today. Sit back and watch Jaquelin as she gets to caress and massage Isabella’s nice and tight pussy. Sit back and watch her bending over to start to use her expert tongue to please that nice and tight cunt and enjoy seeing her continue the oral pleasing until she gets to make Isabella orgasm and squirt her juices all over the place today. We’re hoping that you enjoyed their show today and rest assured more will come your way next week!

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Sapphic Erotica Threesome

Lesbians babes Nikola, Stracy and their best friend Devin met in the garden for a Sapphic Erotica threeway encounter. They were making out with each other passionately at first then they began fingering and sucking their cunts to climax. In the end of this free video these stunning babes share a group hug and cuddle as some more of our cute babes did in the past. The thing is that miss Devin never really tried her hand at a threesome and these other two hot babes just had to do something about it no matter what. The two brunettes always enjoy sharing another person between them in their sex encounters as miss Devin is about to see.

The lovely and sexy brunettes get to undressing their new sexy friend right as soon as the scene starts, and they don’t forget about each other either. Sit back and watch them undressing from their lovely outfits today and see the two lovely black haired babes taking care of their little friend this afternoon. Of course she gets to be in the center of attention if she never got a threesome. So watch the babes playing and fucking her pussy with their fingers and all kinds of toys this afternoon and do remember to check out the past updates too. You get to see more sexy and hot ladies have sexy fun. Enjoy this great sapphic paradise scene and see you next time everyone!


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Beatrice and Candie at their 1st lesbian experience

Perfect little angels Beatrice and Candie from make out carefully in bed, then remove their shirts to suck one another’s breasts and nipples. They remove their feminine panties, spread their sexy legs wide and take turns licking and fingering one another’s shaved pussies in various little mutt positions. They do also some analingus in this fresh clip, then go into a steamy 69 and eat each other out till they have orgasms for this nice afternoon. So let’s sit back and watch the two babes go to work in their nice little gallery for today. We know you are eager to see them get to play today as well and we wouldn’t want to delay the sapphic erotica show any more as is.


We wanted to pair up Beatrice and Candy and see how the two hot and cute babes would do with one another in a scene. And as you can see, the two babes sure made sparks fly and magic  happen with their simply amazing and hot little bodies. Sit back and watch the babes take off one another’s sexy clothes, and then see them starting to kiss every inch of one another’s bodies just for your enjoyment. Watch closely as the two hot babes get around to more interesting parts, and see Beatrice as she starts to lick her friend’s pretty pussy for this nice afternoon sapphicerotica show. Like we said, you get to see both of these babes cum and orgasm by the end of this nice scene as well. See you around!

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Sapphic Erotica Outdoor Fingering

Tempting nymphs Devin, dark hair, and Klara, brownish hair, are relaxing outside a teepee dressed in Native American clothing and smoking the peace pipe. They place down the peace pipe, make out passionately, then excitedly strip off their clothes. They then spread their long and sexy legs wide and alternate licking each others‘ lovely slits and buttholes in numerous positions, allowing incredible views of their tryst. Let’s sit back and watch this nice and sexy role play sapphic erotica sex scene go full course with the two sexy and hot babes this afternoon everyone. We’re sure you will like these two hot and sexy babes as they get to play with each other this afternoon.

As the cameras start rolling, Devin and Lara start things off with a nice and long kissing scene outdoors, and while they lock lips passionately, you get to see them taking off one another’s sexy outfits too. They spend some time to caress those nude curves on one another while also making their way down to each other’s pink and eager pussies as well. Watch as Devin is the first one to bend over allowing Klara to have her way with that tight and wet pussy of hers. Sit back and watch Klara as she gets to have easy access to her fuck buddy’s cunt today, and watch her sliding her fingers inside, finger fucking Devin fast and hard in their saphic erotica scene today. Enjoy this sapphicerotica scene and see you next week!


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Sapphic Erotica Jo

Check out this sapphic erotica update and enjoy as sexy Jo licks and fingers her teen friend’s pussy.  Enjoy more videos inside our website and let’s just take a much closer and better view at Jo’s little scene for today shall we everyone? Jo is a super sexy and hot teen babe with a incredible lust for sex of any kind. And since today she was all by herself in the house she decided to call in one of her female fuck buddies as today she’d fancy the gentle touch of another woman on her simply superb body. Sure enough the other babe answered her phone and she couldn’t be more delighted to head on over to he buddy’s house.


Naturally Jo was packing a ear to ear smug smile on her face as she knew that this fine afternoon she’d be in for some very nice and awesome scenes with her female friend. As she arrives Jo locks the door behind them so that they aren’t disturbed and they start off the nice and sexy little lesbian scene. Watch the sexy and horny babes taking off one another’s clothes in this sapphicerotica update, and enjoy seeing those simply luscious and sexy nude female bodies on cam for today. You get to see them finger fucking one another’s pussies and asses in a nice and sexy sixty nine sex session today and you can see them enjoying every moment of it.

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